The Best Spring And Summer Candles (Or For Anytime)

Summer moodiness in candle form

How To Deal: Hyperpigmentation - Into The Gloss

Your glow up is closer than ever

All The Suncare To Take With You On Your Next Tropical Vacation

Get the hell out of the city, but don't forget these things when you go

How To Get Rid Of Back Acne

Steps to conquer bacne:

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All the things to take on your hot weather travels:
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Every Way You Can Blowdry Your Hair

Hair tips for the super curly, bone straight, very fine and every texture in between

What Is Cowash? A Short Debrief

Co-washing could save your hair length this season

Eyebrow Shaping Tips - Into The Gloss

How to grow your brows out to full and feathery

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🌟TOP SHELF: Rosemary Ferguson, Nutritionist🌟
The '90s model-turned-nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson, on why a salt bath is worth it, how to eat well and her favorite go-to Burberry product.

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Go figure: an effortlessly sexy eye that’s actually effortless

The Perfectly Packed Makeup Essentials

Fill your makeup bag with everything that's important:

9 Women Talk Face Waxing, Threading, Shaving, & Lasering

That other way to keep your face in check

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💫TOP SHELF AFTER DARK: Summer Dawn Miller, Stylist💫
“It’s either really expensive, like Chanel, or it’s The Ordinary, for like $8. I’ve tried everything.”

Elizabeth Arden's Swiss Army Knife

One tube and you've got a lip gloss, eye gloss, a moisturizer, and blemish-healer

How To Avoid Breakouts After Flying

Your pre-flight + post-flight skincare checklist

These Are The Skincare Products Every Woman Should Own

Your skincare routine doesn’t need to be complicated to work

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💄THE FACE: Sinikiwe Dhliwayo, Photo Producer💄
“I feel like the longer I take to get ready, the worse I look. Seriously, like 10 minutes max and I’m done!”

The Best Editor-Tested Air-Dry Hair Products

One less thing to do in the morning

💄THE FACE: Aidy Bryant, Actress 💄
"Because it’s so dry at the studio, I keep an array of moisturizers and facial mists in my desk at SNL. Everybody is always like, 'Why are we hearing little spray noises?’"

The Best Beauty Stores In NYC

The best NYC tour you could book

How To Sleep Well: A CBD Endorsement

A weed derivative that helps you sleep better (AND comes in candy form)

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💫TOP SHELF AFTER DARK: Emily Ratajkowski💫
Your go-to night look, courtesy of Emily Ratajkowski.
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How To Get A Better Butt, Minimal Effort Required

Your best booty is within reach

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🌟THE TOP SHELF: Audrey Gelman, CEO of The Wing 🌟
"Sometimes when you’re on your phone you can look down and take some delight in your nails. Why not?"

Student Lizzey Johnson' On Her Beauty Routine

She's a journalism student but also a sustainable skincare professor (basically)

A Step-By-Step Guide To Proper Nighttime Skin Care

Get the hard work done while you're sleeping

The Best Travel Candles For All Your Weekend Getaways

These little luxuries make anywhere feel like home

The Best Beauty Shopping In Toronto

Next on your beauty bucket list: Toronto

5 Ways To Cure Hangover Face

Skin saviors for your alcohol-flushed face

Five Ways To Wear Our Favorite Blushes

The *Just Had Sex* makeup look

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Matte skin and dewy lips, the best of both worlds.


The Digital Strategist With A Super Smart Shaving Technique

With easy tips on getting your ideal summer body

The Sheet Mask That Gave Me Baby Skin

After reading 8 years of Top Shelves, one writer has found her holy grail

Party-Proof Your Makeup

Smudge-proof, raccoon-eye proof makeup

How To Get The Perfect Blunt Cut

Your guide to *French girl* hair

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🌟THE TOP SHELF: Violet Grey, Founder, Violet Grey🌟

"January Jones told me she takes like two baths a day—I started thinking...I have to start doing that."

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🌟THE TOP SHELF: Amélie Pichard, Accessories Designer🌟

"Right when I was coloring my hair, I thought if I did red, I couldn't wear any color makeup. Now I think it's funny—but I don't do a ton, because the hair color means I don't have to do as much."


The Movie Theater Facial

Face masking at the movies: genius or genius?

Makeup Looks For A Rainy Day

Makeup that looks better as it washes off

An Eye Palette Personality Guide

If you’ve ever tried to find yourself in a palette and gotten lost, we have help:

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💫TOP SHELF AFTER DARK: Danielle Nachmani, Stylist 💫
"While I'm eating, I have these Klorane Blue Cornflower eye patches that I sit with, and I'll drink at least three glasses of water with lemon before going out."

Facialist Annee de Mamiel's Five Tips For Holistic Skincare

5 tips to stop stress breakouts:

How To Defeat Hormonal Acne

Bye, hormonal acne! Can't say you'll be missed

The Ultimate Travel Skincare Routine

Over 24 hours of flying, and her skin is still flawless

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Feeling bold? Try these lip & eye looks.

Not feeling bold? Try them anyway, they might help.

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The Best Self Tanner For Fair Skin

What to pick if you're trying self-tanner for the first time:

A Dual Review Of Leonor Greyl's Banana Milk Shampoo

Buy it for the chic bottle, keep it because it's amazing for fine hair

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💄THE FACE: Katonya Breaux, Founder, UnSun Cosmetics 💄

"I have makeup on today because I wanted to look cute for you, though generally, I don’t wear much—but I always wear sunscreen."